MISA, Mini MISA - sztywne gazoprzepuszczalne skleralne soczewki kontaktowe do korekcji nieregularnej rogówki

One of the most recent breakthroughs in contactology has been the introduction of a new generation of scleral lenses: the Misa® lenses by Microlens.

This innovative scleral lens system pushed the boundaries in correcting pathological corneas.

  • The application of the Misa lenses can prevent or postpone surgery.
  • The application of the Misa lenses can restore the optical system of the eye.
  • The Misa lenses do not touch the vulnerable cornea and fully respect the integrity of the cornea.
  • The Misa lenses are very comfortable to wear.
  • The procedure of fitting the scleral lenses is easy and predictable.

Misa® lenses are available in two design types:

  • The full scleral Misa lens
  • The mini scleral Misa lens
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